The Great War Medal Collectors Companion 

For collectors and custodians of British War Medals, there is no better reference book than this publication by Howard Williamson. This hardback book comprises of nearly 600 pages, packed with full colour pictures of medals, documents and more.

The Great War Medal Collectors Companion will certainly increase your understanding of everything to do with WW1 medals, with so much information that has never been published before it is a must read.

We highly recommend this book, but be quick as it was limited to 1500 copies!

British WW1 Medals

14star1914 Star

The 1914 Star, often known as the Mons Star was approved for issue in 1917.  Approximately 370,000 1914 Stars issued to officers and ‘other ranks’ who served in France and/or Belgium between  5th August and midnight 22nd November 1914,  the end of the First Battle of Ypres. Most recipients of the 1914 Star were pre-war soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force (The Old Contemptibles), who landed in France soon after the outbreak of the War and who took part in the Retreat from Mons (hence the nickname ‘Mons Star’). The only Battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment to receive the 1914 star were the 1st Battalion. All recipients would also be eligible for both the British War Medal and Victory Medal.

The 1914 Star is the only WW1 campaign medal that has the possibility of having a clasp attached – this being the clasp [ 5th Aug.-22nd Nov. 1914 ] which signifies that the recipient was ‘under-fire’ during the Retreat from Mons.

15star1914/15 Star

The 1914/15 Star is very similar in design to the 1914 Star (above). The 1914/15 Star was authorised in 1918 to be issued to officers and soldiers who served in any theatre of the War between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915. If you had already qualified for the 1914 Star, you could not be awarded the 1914/15 Star too – it was one or the other, never both. All recipients would be eligible for both the British War Medal and Victory Medal. There were over 2.3 million 1914/15 Stars issued.


British War Medal

Victory Medal


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