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John Chadbond enlisted in the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on 22nd January 1900 at Preston. He was 22 years old and was given the service number 7591.

At his enlistment medical he was described as being 5ft 6in tall, with grey eyes and brown hair.

John elected his father, also named John as his next of kin. The address supplied was 19, Moor Lane, Bolton.

The following month, on 23rd February 1900, he set sail for South Africa to fight the Boers. Here he remained for 1 year 152 days, returning to England on 27th July 1901. A note on his service record shows that he was wounded at some point, but there is no indication of how, when or the severity of his wounding.


On 28th August 1901 he was discharged on completion of his terms of service. He received a war gratuity of £5.

For his service during the Boer War, John was awarded the Queens South Africa (QSA) medal.


On 21st July 1906 John married Mary Alice in Bolton; they had three children, Edith (1908), William (1912) and John (1917).

On 18th August 1914, shortly after War broke out, John re-enlisted in the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, he was given the service number 11347. He was now 32 years old and had been employed with engines as a pipe fitter.

John elected to allot one third of his pay to be paid to his wife.

John was mobilized and posted into the 1st Battalion; he sailed out to join them in France on 22nd September 1914. He was present at the infamous ‘Retreat from Mons’.

On 22nd November 1914 John returned to the depot in Preston, travelling on the S.S St David hospital ship, he had suffered a gunshot wound to his foot.  He was posted back into the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion on 29th April 1915.

For his service in the Great War, John was awarded the 1914 Star (with Clasp), British War Medal and Victory Medal.

On 29th August 1918, John was transferred to Class P reserve and issued the Silver War Badge number B4337. He was still to be employed on war service, working at H.M Factory, Queensferry.

John was awarded a war pension, the doctor concluding that he had 20% disability, which was attributable to his service. John attempted to also claim for a broken jaw, after an investigation it was decided that there was no evidence to substantiate this secondary claim, and no further award would be issued.



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  1. Angela Shepherd says:

    Private John Chadbond was my 1st cousin 2x removed.

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