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My Grandad James Blackburn was born on 27 January 1898 to James and Mary Elizabeth Blackburn. They lived in Preston and on the 1911 census he is 13 years old and his occupation is Cotton Weaver Tenter.

James with sisters (2)

James Blackburn with his sisters

James enlisted on 26th August 1914, just 16 years old. He served with the 6th Battalion in Gallipoli where he was sustained a wound to his left arm and was discharged on 26th May 1916 having been fitted with an artificial limb. He was awarded the Silver War Badge because of his wounds. I understand this was so people would know why he wasn’t fighting. He never spoke about Gallipoli except to say that he didn’t like raspberry jam as that was what he was given when he was rescued and it made him sick. He died on 3rd October 1923 due to an asthmatic fit, place of death 10 Rossall Road, Chorley.

Photograph supposedly of James Blackburn. This was taken sometime between 1919 and 1923 and the reason for the RAMC uniform is unknown.

His father was also in the L.N.Lan Regiment (reg no 1965) and he fought in the Boer War. He never returned home but stayed in South Africa until he died.

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3 Responses to 11728 PTE. J. BLACKBURN. L.N.LAN.R.

  1. Bryan Blackburn says:

    This is a fantastic find for a relative researching family tree living in New Zealand

  2. Bryan Blackburn says:

    This is a fantastic discovery for a relative in New Zealand

  3. Janet Hetherington says:

    James Blackburn was my maternal Grandfather and some of the information submitted is incorrect.
    He may have had an injury to his arm but he never mentioned this to me and he was not fitted with an artificial limb.
    He died in March 1961 in Swansea Street Ashton Preston and was cremated in Preston Crematorium.I was 16 when he died.
    The rest of the information is correct.

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