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Lance Corporal Charles Gillett

Civilian Occupation: Lower Healey Bleachworks

Gillett 1 Gillett 2

Charles Gillett was 32 when he died on the Somme on 07/07/1916. His sacrifice is recalled at WARLOY-BAILLON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION and he is recorded in the Chorley Memorial Album in Astley Hall on page CMB/II/83b.

Notes of his life and service include:

“Enlisted September, 1914, and served in France, where he took part in the Somme Battle and died of wounds sustained on 7th July, 1916. He attended St Peter’s Church.”

The Register of Soldiers’ Effects gives his date of death as 13/7/1916, as does the CWGC. Though there appears to be an error in the CMB his Service Record does note that he was wounded 7/7/1916 and this may well have been misinterpreted by Susannah Knight or the compositor.

The Chorley Guardian photograph and article of 12/8/1916 add his age and occupation. His father, Joseph N[icholas], is given as sole legatee.

The Service Record has survived. He was 21 years and 1 month old when he Attested on 5/9/1914. His occupation was a Bleacher. His Medical Examination sheet notes he had a fresh complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. His Company Conduct Sheet shows several inctances of unauthorised absence with punishments varying between 3 and 7 days of being confined to barracks and loss of pay. He served at home 5/9/1914 to 24/9/1915 and then in France 25/9/1915 to 13/9/1916. He was appointed Lance Corporal 21/5/1916 to replace W Davis. He was wounded in action 7/7/1916 and treated at the 3rd Casualtry Clearing Station 8/7/1916. He died of wounds 13/7/1916.

His father’s address of 19/9/1916 is given as Ken Mill Cottage, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley. Notice the short space in time between his date of death and this notification. This addfress was given on Attestation, too, when he gave his father as next of kin.

The 1911 Census has him at 5, Long Row, Botany, Chorley: Joseph Nicholas Gillett (40, Head, Flagger and Slater, Print Works,  [Scored out: Married 3 years, 11 children, 11 living], Born in Chorley), Margaret Ann Gillett (32, Wife, House Keeper, Married 3 years, no children, Born in Chorley), John William Gillett (22, Son, Flagger and Slater, Print Works, Born in Chorley), Margaret Ann Gillett (20, Daughter, Weaver’s Tenter, Cotton Manufacturer, Born in Chorley), Charles Gillett (17, Son, Dodger, Bleach Works, Born in Chorley), George Arthur Arthur Gillett (15, Son, Piecer Spinning Room, Born in Chorley), Thomas Godwin (13, Stepson, Dodger, Print Works, Cloth, Born in Chorley), William Godwin (10, Stepson, School, Born in Chorley), Maria Godwin (6, Stepdaughter, Born in Chorley), John Godwin (9, Stepson, Born in Chorley), Jane Godwin (8, Stepdaughter, Born in Chorley).

The 1901 Census has him at 28 Cowling Brow, Chorley: Joseph N Gillett (34, Head, Flagger and Slater, Born in Chorley), Mary E Gillett (12, Daughter, Cloth Presser, Bleach Works, 1/2 Timer, Born in Chorley), John W Gillett (11, Son, Born in Chorley), Margaret A Gillett (9, Daughter, Born in Chorley), 1893Charles Gillett (7, Son, Born in Chorley), George A Gillett (6, Son, Born in Chorley), Florence J Gillett (13, Daughter, Born in Chorley), Mary E Robertshaw (42, Servant, Housekeeper, Domestic, Born in Manchester).

The 1891 Census has his parents at 51 Botany Brow, Chorley: Ellen Bamber (52, Head, Married, Born in Wrightington), George Richard Bamber (10,Son, Born in Chorley), Joseph N Gillett (23, Son-in-Law, Miner’s Labourer, Coal Mine, Born in Chorley), Margaret J Gillett (22, Wife [of John N Gillett, daughter of Ellen Bamber], Cotton Weaver, Born in Chorley), Mary Ellen Gillett(2, Daughter  [of John N Gillett], Born in Chorley), John William Gillett (1, Son  [of John N Gillett], Born in Chorley), Jane Ann Gillett (1 week, Daughter  [of John N Gillett], Born in Chorley).

Charles Gillett was born in 1893. His mother’s maiden name was Bamber [Lancashire BMD]. The Baptism: took place on 27 /8/1893 at St Peter, Chorley. He had been born on 30/7/1893. His parents, Joseph Nicholas & Margaret Jane Gillett were living at  Botany Brow, Chorley. His father’s occupation was a Labourer.

Joseph Nicholas Bamber and Margaret Jane Bamber were married at St James’ Church, Chorley, in 1888.

Rank: Lance Corporal
Service No: 13244
Date of Death: 13/07/1916
Regiment/Service: The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,8th Bn.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gillett is my married name. My husbands’family comes from Chorley. What can you tell me about the name? Especially grandpa Harry who immigrated to Canada.

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