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James Walton was born in Bombay, India. He enlisted in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in Preston and was sent to France as a Corporal with 10th Battalion on 31st July 1915.

Three months after his arrival in France, on 3rd November, James and another man (Private William Lord) were killed in action during a routine patrol under 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd.

The following war diary extract refers;

A patrol of 2 NCO’s and 35 men, under 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd, went out at 18:00hrs from trench 60. They proceeded to some canvas screens erected 500 yards east of trench 60 by the 111th Brigade, where they repaired the wire leading to the listening post of trench 59.

2nd Lieutenant Lloyd then proceeded further east, pausing frequently to listen and covered by an advance party. Nothing was heard; but suddenly he was challenged in German, a red light went up, fire was opened up and bombs thrown. The enemy was estimated to number at around 80 men due to the volume of fire. 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd was thrown to the ground and dazed by a bomb, which severely wounded his Serjeant in the eye.

The rest of the patrol retaliated with both bombs and heavy fire, and the enemy made off. As however the Germans were in superior force, the patrol was near their lines and the men had got somewhat scattered, 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd thought it was best to return, which he did, assisting home a man wounded in five places with rifle shot.

The patrol arrived back at 21:00hrs. Two men were missing when the roll was called, and a later patrol failed to find them.

James Walton is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial; Pier and Face 11 A.


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4 Responses to 18995 CPL. J. WALTON. L.N.LAN.R

  1. […] months after his arrival in France, on 3rd November, William and another man (Corporal James Walton) were killed in action during a routine patrol under 2nd Lieutenant […]

  2. Frank Walton says:

    James Walton was my Great Uncle my Grandads brother. They both joined together and grandad John William Walton was a member of the patrol that went out to search for him and the other soldier. No member of my family has ever seen a photograph of James and have no idea what he looks like I have tried all means but cannot find a photo of him anywhere. I would appreciate if you could suggest something to help in my search for a photo.
    Thanking you. Frank Walton

    • Janet Davis says:

      Frank, you don`t say whether you have tried the local papers, if not then the Preston Guardian or the Lancashire Daily Post would be a good starting point. Copies of both are kept on microfilm in the Harris Library in Preston. I have been into the Harris this morning and James is on the Roll of Honour, his ROH form says that he was reported missing and it was a long time before his death was confirmed. That being the case IF his photo is in the paper you would have to search from the time of his death for anything up to 12 months or more afterwards. Kind regards Janet

      • Frank Walton says:

        Thank you very much. Will make a point of visiting the Harris and checking through the newspapers.
        All the Best,

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