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The following list comprises of soldiers of the 2/5th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment that had been awarded Gallantry Medals (or were recipients of the 1914 Star) prior to Christmas 1918.

dsoDistinguished Service Order
Lieutenant Colonel C. F. HITCHENS
Major F. EAVES

Military Cross

Captain E. HART
Captain W. G. MCKENZIE, R.A.M.C (T)
mcmedalLieutenant E. R. ALFORD
Lieutenant P. CRAMPTON
Lieutenant J. A. SHEPHERD


Distinguished Conduct Medal
241387 Sgt. H. KAY
241431 Sgt. W. ISHERWOOD
dcmmedal24205 L/Sgt. T. DOYLE
241940 L/Sgt. F. BRIGGS
241609 Cpl. J. HOLT
241104 L/Cpl. W. H. GREGORY
241844 L/Cpl. H. AINSWORTH
241219 Pte. J. BATES

mmmedalMilitary Medal

Second Lieutenant J. WILKINSON
Second Lieutenant S. REED
240418 Sgt. J. ECKERSLEY
241387 Sgt. H. KAY
241388 Sgt. T. ASTON
242029 Sgt. J. AINSWORTH
241608 Sgt. G. T. HOLT
241458 Sgt. E. HILL
241246 Sgt. T SCOWCROFT
241365 Sgt. T. LAWTON
242686 L/Sgt. C. TOPPING
13692 L/Sgt. L. BROMLEY
244781 Cpl. W. WILLIAMS
14205 Cpl. T. WELSH
33689 Cpl. R. ELLIOT
27072 Cpl. H. ELLISON
241721 L/Cpl. J. JOST
240315 L/Cpl. J. TAYLOR
241633 L/Cpl. J. GERMAN
241064 L/Cpl. A. HASLAM
242290 Pte. J. CLAYTON
241876 Pte. H. WOODCOCK
244924 Pte. A. SPRINGHAM
241834 Pte. B. CAIN
242019 Pte. W. LOMAS
241912 Pte. J. DEVENISH
242022 Pte. F. PARKINSON
242311 Pte. J. GREENHALGH
244878 Pte. D. T. LEWIS
28626 Pte. J. R. SMITH
28954 Pte. T. J. MONGER
242218 Pte. W. SMITH

msmmedalMeritorious Service Medal

241247 Pte. J. R. LANE

Mentioned in Despatches
Lieutenant Colonel C. F. HITCHENS D.S.O.
Major F. EAVES D.S.O. (twice)
Captain A. T. MARSDEN
midembCaptain R. HIGGINSON
241122 Sgt. T. MULVANEY
33689 Cpl. R. ELLIOTT
38589 L/Cpl. W. BROWN
28622 L/Cpl. G. SCOTT
28954 Pte. T. J. MONGER
28561 Pte. L. ROBINSON
28559 Pte. F. PEET
8520 Pte. G. STUBBINGS
7850 Pte. H. KEENE

1914 Star
Lieutenant E. R. ALFORD M.C.
Second Lieutenant A. DAWSON
Second Lieutenant L. BALCHIN
29691 C.Q.M.S. G. A. CLARKE
34978 Sgt. A. CRYER
9082 Cpl. G. MORRIS
33689 Cpl. R. ELLIOTT, M.M.
28622 L/Cpl. G. SCOTT
38589 L/Cpl. W. BROWN
7850 Pte. H. KEENE
8520 Pte. G. STUBBINGS
28954 Pte. T. J. MONGER, M.M.
28559 Pte. F. PEET
28561 Pte. L. ROBINSON
28586 Pte. H. PEARSE
28591 Pte. J. PATON
28598 Pte. H. FERNYHOUGH
28608 Pte. H. SMITH
28609 Pte. W. A. TRIMMINGS
34291 Pte. J. WARE

Foreign Decorations
Second Lieutenant G. V. MURRAY: French Croix de Guerre
241335 C.S.M. J. FIELDING: French Medaille Militaire
242254 L/Sgt. A. BUTTERWORTH: Belgian Croix de Guerre
242552 Sgt H. M. WILD: Belgian Croix de Guerre
15431 Pte. S. McCULLOUGH: French Croix de Guerre

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3 Responses to 2-5th Bn Gallantry Awards

  1. John McKechnie says:

    Hi Paul
    I am researching my great uncle, James Eckersley, who received the MM whilst with the 2-5th LNL but then seems to have transferred to the 2-4th York & Lancs when he recieved the MC at Havrencourt for knocking out several machine gun posts. I believe he was also recommended for a DSO but don’t have any details. He would appear to be the Sgt James Eckersley who gained the MM but on my medal roll card his service number is 240412 not 240418 Any comment.

    • Hi John, thanks for your message. His number was indeed 240412. The list was taken from a printed 1918 Christmas Card which appears to have wrongly recorded his number. This isn’t the only mistake on the card. You can see a photo of the card in our gallery, link at top of page, in the documents and paperwork section. Regards, Paul

  2. Phil says:

    I am looking for any details on 241365 SGT: J.T. LAWTON and his Military Medal – any help would be appreciated

    Major Phil Watson

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