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Private James Holden

2nd/4th Battalion , attached 1st Battalionholden-2

James Holden’s died at St Quentin on 20th September 1918 whilst attached to the 1st Battalion.

His sacrifice is recalled at the BELLICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY and he is recorded in the Chorley Memorial Album in Astley Hall on page CMB/II/27a.  He attended Sacred Heart, Chorley.

Notes of his life and service include:      

James Holden enlisted on 4th August, 1914, and served in France. Killed November 1918. “I have read with great pleasure the report of your Commanding Officer and Brigade Commander, and congratulate you on your devotion to duty and gallant conduct on the field at le Jouquet, from the 7th to 8th of June, 1917.” Cecil Wray, Brigadier-General, Commanding 57th Division. Attended Church of the Sacred Heart.

The CWGC gives as “Holden”. CMB spells as “Holding”.  CMB gives “Enlisted 4th August 1914, and served in France. Killed in November 1918.”  CWGC gives 20/9/1918 as date of death. CMB also gives name as “Holding” rather than “Holden”, but both have same Service Number. holden1

The Service Medal and Award Roll notes he was numbered 2041 in the 1/4 LNLR as well as 200486.

His Service Record has survived. He Attested on 6/8/1914. He was working at Chorley Colliery Co and resident at 28 King Street, Chorley. he was 17 years and 9 months old. He was in C Company. His father is named [there is some crossing out, actually brother], R Holden, and addressed at 28 King Street, Chorley.

He was the brother of Peter Holden [CMB/II/26b].

The 1911 Census has him at 28 King Street, Chorley: Robert Holden (30, Head, Coal Miner, Hewer, Born in Preston), Caroline Holden (26, Wife, Married 8 years, 6 children, 4 living, 2 dead, Born in Chorley), Joseph Holden (7, Son, Born in Chorley), Alice Holden (5, Daughter, Born in Chorley), Jane Hannah Holden (2, Daughter, Born in Chorley), Robert Holden (3 months, Son, Born in Chorley), Mary Ellen Holden (18, Sister, Cotton Frame Tenter, Born in Chorley), James Holden (14, Brother, Cotton Frame Tenter, Born in Chorley).

The 1901 Census at 42 Leigh Row, Chorley: Alice Holden (43, Head, Widow, Born in Preston), Robert Holden (20, Son, Coal Miner, Drawer, Below Ground, Born in Preston), Peter Holden (14, Son, Spinner’s Creeler, Born in Preston), Jane H Holden (13, Daughter, Born in Preston), Elizabeth Holden (11, Daughter, Born in Preston), Alice Holden (9, Daughter, Born in Chorley), Mary E Hoden (8, Daughter, Born in Chorley), James Holden (4, Son, Born in Chorley).

The 1891 Census has his family at 17 Hindley Street in Chorley: The Census records the name as “Holding” but this has been corrected to “Holden”. The household comprised:  Joseph (34, Head, Blacksmith’s Striker, Born in Preston), Alice (34, Wife, Born in Preston), Jno [sic] Thomas Lethcoe (17, Wife’s Son, Cotton Spinner, Born in Preston), Robert (10, Son, Scholar, Born in Preston), Peter (4, Son, Born in Preston), Jane (3, Daughter, Born in Preston) and Alice (1, Daughter, Born in Preston).

Rank: Private
Service No: 200486
Date of Death: 20/09/1918
Regiment/Service: The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, attached 1st Bn.

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