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Thomas Jackson was from Bolton, and served during the Great War with the 1/5th (Territorial) Battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Thomas was married to Emma Alice Fletcher of 56 Viking Street, Bolton/ Little Lever. They had one son, Ronald who was born in September 1916.

Initially serving as Private, 2316, he was later promoted to Corporal and had the new style  service number 240629.

Thomas sailed to France on 12th February 1915 as part of the 16th Brigade, 6th Division. They landed in Boulogne the next day.

On 31st July 1917, Thomas was killed in action. He is commemorated on the YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL; Panel 41 and 43.


Rank: Corporal
Service No: 240629
Date of Death: 31/07/1917
Regiment/Service: The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
Memorial : YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL; Panel 41 and 43.

Unfortunately his service papers have not survived.

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5 Responses to 240629 PTE. T. JACKSON. L.N.LAN.R

  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    Hello and firstly thank you for compiling this information. I am the great grandson of Thomas, Ronald being my grandfather. I am visiting menin gate at the end of January and still trying to ‘join the dots’ so to speak. I was wondering where you have sourced your information as it largely matches my family research so far.

    I have Ronald’s birth certificate and it notes date and place of birth ’18/07/1916, 56 Viking street’, mother ‘Emma Alice Fletcher'(although she was really nee Hampson), fathers rank or profession ‘lance corporal nth lancs. (Newsagent)’ informant ‘b.a Hampson, grandmother, 56 Viking st.’

    Thomas’ marriage certificate to Emma Alice notes date of marriage December 25th 1915, age 21, newsagent, of 44 Lee Street, son of Alfred Jackson (iron worker) to Emma Alice fletcher, age 19, weaver, of 56 Viking st, daughter of Jesse Hampson (mangler)

    Thomas was, therefore, at the parish church of st bartholomew, Bolton (since demolished) on Christmas Day 1915 and his son, Ronald (born 18/09/1916), conceived in the following weeks.

    I am trying to establish when he left for France as 15th February 1915 is too early.

    Many thanks for your work on this excellent project

    • admin says:

      Hi Thomas, I’ve just taken another look at Thomas Jackson’s Medal Index Card and it definitely states that 12/02/1915 was the day he first entered France. The 12th was actually the day the 1/5th Battalion left Sevenoaks for Southampton and embarked on the S.S Tintoretto bound for France. They disembarked at La Havre early in the morning of the 13th. May I ask what makes you think this is too early as I might be able to help you resolve the date issue. Regards, Paul

  2. thomas jackson says:

    hello Paul, thank you for the reply.

    I have his marriage certificate showing Thomas was in England on 25th December 1915, some 10 months later. He married Emma Alice on that day in Bolton. The marriage certificate shows the ’56 viking st’ residence.

    I didn’t think that there were oppertunities to return once mobilised, it has however been suggested that he was killed on his third tour?

    Beyond his medal card I have been unable to source any other information or service record for him.

    Any sources or advise would be hugely appreciated

    Many thanks

  3. admin says:

    Hi Thomas, indeed it is entirely possible that he was permitted a period of leave to the UK, and got married whilst at home. It was more common for officers to be allowed leave, that is not to say that regular soldiers never got any, many did. It is also possible that he was wounded and was sent back to the UK to recover, then when fit he was sent back out. Regards, Paul

  4. Thomas Jackson says:

    Thank you Paul, you’ve be a great help

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