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Elijah Waddilove was born in Preston in 1891 to his father Richard, and mother Ann.

By 1911 Elijah had already enlisted in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and was serving with the 1st Battalion at Tidworth barracks in Hampshire.

Whilst at Tidworth in 1911, Elijah would have been involved in the following home duties;

21st June 1911: the Battalion (22 officers an 560 other ranks) proceeded to London for duties in connection with the coronation of Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary. They set up camp in Kensington Gardens, and on the 22nd and 23rd assisted in lining the street.

22nd July 1911: the Battalion was dispatched to South Wales to deal with the labour troubles concerning the miners, dockers and railwaymen that were striking.

14th August 1911: the Battalion arrived at their annual summer camp at Hungerford, but were quickly sent up to Liverpool to deal with further civil unrest and strikes.

At the end of September 1911 the Battalion moved to their new barracks in Aldershot.

In the last quarter of 1913 he married Elizabeth A Bromley.

On 12th August 1914, still with the 1st Battalion, he landed in France as part of the British Expeditionary Force and was present at the battle and subsequent retreat from Mons.

In September 1916 it was published in the London Gazette that Elijah Waddilove would receive the Military Medal for Bravery in the Field.


Shortly after the announcement the following article appeared in a local newspaper.


Unfortunately no further service papers have survived.

Elijah Waddilove died in February 1954.

Memories of his granddaughter, Tricia;

Grandad was a dispatch rider, he rejoined again for the second world but was too old to fight. He trained soldiers at Fulwood barracks. Grandma got a war pension when he died as his lungs were damaged through the war. I still hear grandma shouting “you are not on the parade ground now Elijah”

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2 Responses to 9984 PTE. E. WADDILOVE. L.N.LAN.R

  1. Tricia kendrick says:

    Thank for your quick response about my grandad Elijah waddilove .i smiled when you said he had spent time in aldershot as I heard grandma sing ,oh the old north lancs have gone away ,in aldershot you,ll find them ,oh they left all tha women in the family way for the new recruits to mind them .

  2. Tricia kendrick says:

    thank you so much much for the email about my grandad .I thought about him often last year during the 100 year centenary ,He was more my dad than grandad and am so proud to know of his bravery ,Tricia

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