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Chronological reference guide to the initial dates of entry by each of the Loyal North Lancashire battalions, as shown on Medal Index Cards (MICs).

* Please note that some MICs may show embarkation date, rather than disembarkation date; for France especially this was usually the day before the date shown below.


 Dates on Medal Index Cards


13/8/14     1st Battalion (1 – France)

16/10/14     2nd Battalion (4a – East Africa)


13/2/15     1/5th Battalion (1 – France)

4/5/15     1/4th Battalion (1 – France)

17/7/15     7th Battalion (1 – France)

31/7/15     10th Battalion (1 – France)

4/8/15     6th Battalion (2 – Dardanelles)

6/9/15     8th Battalion (1 – France)

25 – 26/9/15     9th Battalion (1 – France)


 22/6/16     1/12th Battalion (1 – France)


8/2/17     2/4th Battalion (1 – France)

9/2/17     2/5th Battalion (1 – France)

12/2/17     4/5th Battalion (1 – France)


5/7/18     15th Battalion (1 – France)


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One Response to Dates of entry

  1. john scrivener says:

    hi ive been looking at your site and for your information my grandfather lance corpral p t scrivener 9124 was in A company 2nd battalion i think he joined up in 1910 as i have a pictorial souvenir and history book from poona india 1910 he presented this to his mother as a keep sake which we still have in the family its a very nice record of the battalion at that time with many nice photos of different sections and companies a to g including groups of officers,cricket team hockey team etc.
    he has penciled in his tours as india, b e africa 14-15 g e africa 15-16 egypt 16-17 palistine 17-18 and france 1918 wounded in action against germans (prussian guards) on august 1 1918 grand rozoy france. if you have any other information on his service i would be very interested to hear,happy to say he survived the war passed away in 1968/69 in can just remember him

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