Lostock Hall RoH

Bill Brierley has been working on remembering the men recorded on the Lostock Hall war memorial and has published his research on this Roll of Honour website. The War Memorial at Hope Terrace, Lostock Hall was unveiled by Col. C. J. Trimble in December 1924 and displays the names of 83 men from the village who fell during the Great War, as well as a further 31 names of men who fell during the Second War.

Articles by Harry Fecitt MBE TD

Ex-1/LOYALS Harry Fecitt MBE TD has written a number of articles about the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and kindly allowed his piece about the 1/12th Bn. in Salonika to be reproduced on this website. You can read Harry’s other articles by visiting the following links:

Loyal North Lancs Mounted Infantry Company
Loyal North Lancs Machine Gun Company (Part One)
Loyal North Lancs Machine Gun Company (Part Two)
2nd Bn. Loyal North Lancs in East Africa 1914-17

Red Cross POW records

prisoners logoArchives 1914-1918: during the First World War, 10 million people, servicemen or civilians, were captured and sent to detention camps. The belligerent countries involved provided lists of prisoners to the ICRC, wich created an index card for each prisoner and detainee. Now, you can search through all 5 million of them.

Preston Absent Voters Lists

absentvotersA valuable resource when tracing WW1 soldiers is the Absent Voters Lists.  This link will take you to an alphabetical list of men and women that were listed in the Preston Absent Voters list from 1919. Transcribed by Glenn Swarbrick.

Preston Remembers

prestonremembersPreston Remembers is a partnership project that joins together the activities, exhibitions and events that are happening from 2014 – 2018 in Preston to mark the centenary of the First World War.
The project started with the restoration of Preston’s Cenotaph in 2013, they are now researching the names of the men on the Harris Museum Roll of Honour.

Preston Digital Archive


The Preston Digital Archive (PDA) is a Flickr based project publishing photographs relating to the history of Preston during the last two hundred years. The PDA is an incredible source of information to local historians and is also a very valuable asset to persons tracing family history of those originating from Preston, Lancashire.

The Folkestone Harbour Cafe books

cafelogsFolkestone Harbour Station was a location which would have been familiar to many of Loyal North Lancashire Regiment soldiers who passed through it during the Great War.

The ‘Mole Cafe’ books are a wonderful roll call of those who passed through this site in the Great War and include men and women from all over the British Empire.

 War Illustrated Free Download

wismIf you are interested in the Great War, here is a free copy of the the 400 page ‘War Illustrated: Volume 1’ published in 1915. You can read it online, or download to your ebook reader (although it is over 53MB in size). This was digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007, with funding from Microsoft.

Our Video Archive

video iconThis section contains some videos that may be of interest to our readers. They may not specifically relate to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, but more often WW1 in general.

The first things to be added to this section is all six full episodes of ‘WW1 in Colour’ (the TV documentary narrated by Kenneth Branagh).


Preston Grammar School

prestongrammerschoolThis link will take you to the 1914 – 18 ‘military records’ section of the Preston Grammar School Association website. The site contains information about former pupils of the school that served, and were killed during the Great War.


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