Lost & Missing Medals

Our readers seek information regarding the whereabouts of the medals to the following Loyal North Lancashire Regiment soldiers:

If you have any information about the medals to these men, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the person who is looking for them.

DISCLAIMER: We will take no liability for any loss or damages incurred as a result of using this service. We are merely providing a platform for connecting the two parties concerned. We take no part in any transaction that may/or may not take place.

      • 11982 PTE. T. M. ALLEN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 1281 PTE. H. ASHTON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 9543 PTE. W. D BAKER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 2825 PTE. J. BARBER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3321 PTE. H. L. BARNETT. L.N.LAN.R
      • 24388 PTE. J. BARON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 35834 PTE. E. BATTLE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 18277 PTE. A. BATTY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 25350 PTE. R. BOND. L.N.LAN.R
      • 14017 PTE. J. BOTTOMLEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 14677 PTE. J. BRADSHAW. L.N.LAN.R
      • 201271 PTE. S. BRECKELL. L.N.LAN.R
      • 13994 PTE. S. BRIGGS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 15523 PTE. J. BRINDLE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 203435 PTE. T. E. BRUNSKILL. L.N.LAN.R
      • 24123 PTE. A. BURTON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 22993 PTE. J. CALVIN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 28246 PTE. E. R. J. CARNEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 12801 PTE. R. CHILD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 36027 PTE. H. CLEARIE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 7845 CPL. A. COBHAM. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3751 PTE. T. COCKING. L.N.LAN.R
      • 200061 PTE. J. CORRY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19377 PTE. J. CRITCHLEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19579 PTE. J. CROOK. L.N.LAN.R
      • 33067 PTE. J. CROOK. L.N.LAN.R
      • 1042 PTE. J. DANDY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 17400 SJT. J. DANSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19555 PTE. J. DUNBAVAN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 16419 PTE. G. ELLISON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 4317 PTE. H. FERGUSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 26854 PTE. J. FINLAY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 4255 PTE. J. FITZGERALD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 26032 A. CPL. H. W. GREEN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 200554 PTE. C. GREENWOOD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 35094 PTE. H. GRIGG. L.N.LAN.R
      • 29476 PTE. G. F. GRISS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 23238 PTE. P. HADDOCK. L.N.LAN.R
      • 13831 PTE. A. HANAHAM. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3298 PTE. J. HARTLEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 4739 PTE. J. HARVEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 201884 PTE. J. HASTIE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 12221 PTE. J. HENDRY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3083 PTE. F. HINCHCLIFFE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 16181 PTE. A. HITCHEN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 34527 PTE. H. HOBBS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19164 PTE. J. HODGSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 1959 PTE. W. HOPKINSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19139 PTE. F. T. HOUGHTON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 2849 PTE. L. HOWSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 15968 PTE. G. HUNT. L.N.LAN.R
      • 41364 PTE. V. HURLEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 38822 PTE. W. JACKSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 20133 PTE. J. JOHNSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 34794 PTE. T. KNOTT. L.N.LAN.R
      • 27655 PTE. J. LAKELAND. L.N.LAN.R
      • 33198 PTE. J. LEAVER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19255 PTE. T. LORD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 16768 PTE. J. LUBY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 15822 PTE. F. MALLON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 36819 PTE. S. W. MAPP. L.N.LAN.R
      • 21485 PTE. A. MARSDEN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 12807 PTE. J. MCCAUL. L.N.LAN.R
      • 11328 PTE. J. MCNICHOLAS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 13421 PTE. W. MEE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 11026 PTE. R. MOLLOY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 29164 PTE. H. NEWBERY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 6319 PTE. C. F. O’NEILL. L.N.LAN.R
      • 10920 SJT. W. H. OWEN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3800 PTE. W. PENDLEBURY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3-1696 PTE. B. T. PIELOW. L.N.LAN.R
      • 22757 PTE. F. G. PORTER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 15709 PTE. T. POWER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 25872 PTE. G. A. RABY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 12326 PTE. J. RICHARDSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 7634  PTE. W. H. RICHARDSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 21034 PTE. J. RILEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 23269 PTE. J. E. RILEY. L.N.LAN.R
      • 8388 A.SJT. W. ROBINSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 56438 PTE. H. L. ROWLAND. L.N.LAN.R
      • 202649 PTE. H. SALMON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 12502 PTE. J. J. SHACKLETON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 44330 PTE. W. SHARPLES. L.N.LAN.R
      • 31999 PTE. C. E. SMITH. L.N.LAN.R
      • 17365 PTE. J. SMITH. L.N.LANC.R
      • 3147 PTE. T. SMITH. L.N.LAN.R
      • 15303 CPL. M. SOUTHERN. L.N.LAN.R
      • 16637 SJT. F. TAYLOR. L.N.LAN.R
      • 26412 PTE. J. THORPE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 3469 PTE. R. H. TYRER. L.N.LAN.R
      • 14773 PTE. J. VICKERS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 34632 PTE. H. WADE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 16473 CPL. T. WARD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 11911 PTE. J. W. WHITEHEAD. L.N.LAN.R
      • 22132 PTE. W. WHITESIDE. L.N.LAN.R
      • 242552 SJT. H. M. WILD. L.N.LAN.R.
      • 290608 PTE. S. WILIKINSON. L.N.LAN.R
      • 10848 PTE. H. WILKES. L.N.LAN.R
      • 14238 PTE. J. WILLIAMS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 19362 PTE. S. WILLIAMS. L.N.LAN.R
      • 4134 PTE. H. WOODCOCK. L.N.LAN.R
      • 18489 ASJT. W. YOUNG. L.N.LAN.R

19 Responses to Missing Medals

  1. Darrel says:

    I have 10739 pte W.H. Wilcock l.n.lan.r and 37508 Pte T. Entwistle ramd ww1 service medals. I would love to return these to family. My grandfather was 23634 pte W smethurst l.n.lan who probably served together.

    • Joan Racicot says:

      My great grandmother was Lydia Entwistle born in 1868. Her daughter, Clara, married Walter Marsh. I just found his medal”The Great War for Civilisation” 1914-1919. PTE. W. Marsh. L.N.LAN.R. along with his number were on the edge. My grandmother could have had a cousin named T. Entwistle. She was from Bolton, Lancaster.

  2. william riley says:

    5291 242552 Sjt or CSjt H M Wild

    I am trying to trace my grandfathers medals. Belgian Croix de Gurre , BWM and Victory Medal. From what I have been told they went missing when my nephew took them to school for a WW1 Project back inthe1980’s.
    I am not sure what rank will be on them, the London Gazette entry for the Croix de Gurre in April 1918 gives his rank as
    Sjt, the certificate for the medal signed by the King of the Belgians,issued in 1919 as his Rank as Staff Sergeant. He had metal crowns with his medals and he was always referred to as the Serjeant-Major by his former comrades but the Crowns could have been for a rank of C/Sjt (CQMS), his rank in 1919, or he may have been acting CSM or even RSM during the last months of the war.

    • admin says:

      Hi William,

      I checked his medal index card which shows the naming on the BWM and Victory will be 242552 SJT. H. M. WILD. L.N.LAN.R. I’ll add it to the list above.


      • William Riley says:

        I apiologise for lkate replty but have had a difficult last few yreas with a number of bereavments in the close family.

        Thank you for your information

  3. Garry Farmer says:

    Pte 3469 Robert H. TYRER MM 1/5th Bn L.N.L. (T.F.)

    Enlisted at Bolton November 1914. I have his single M.M. and searching for his 1915 Star trio to re-unite group.

  4. Ian Hinchcliffe says:

    3083 PTE. Frank Hinchcliffe L.N.LAN.R

    I am trying to trace my Grandfathers medals.
    1914-15 Star
    British War Medal
    Victory Medal

    My nan was visited by a chap going door to door offering to buy any old nik naks in the early 80’s, He left with the medals and my granddads pocket watch. My nan was happy with the fiver she got, my dad was not so pleased as they’d been promised to him. I have managed to purchase Copies from Worcestershire Medal Service for my dad but it would be nice for him to be reunited with the genuine articles.

  5. Alison Booth says:

    I realise this is a long shot so I don’t have high expectations, but I do thank you for the opportunity of trying.
    I and my brother, sisters and cousins would love to trace my Grandad’s medals from WW1. His name was Pte. Stephen William Mapp, 36819. He was in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, I don’t know which battalion as we cannot locate any war records for him except the Medal index card. According to the index card he got the British Medal and the Victory medal. He was wounded at The Somme but went back afterwards. Then there is a little mystery. My Uncle clearly remembered he was shown 3 medals and that when Grandad finished the war he was a Lance Corporal, which doesn’t match up to the index card. We recently found a Royal Artillery cap badge in my late mother’s/ grandmother’s button box which we don’t know whose it was. I cannot find a trace of him so far in the Royal Artillery but maybe that is yet to come. Is it possible the 3rd medal, and what it was we would dearly love to know, was given and listed separately to the other 2 if he had changed regiment when he went back over?? I don’t know enough to know.

    Anyway, after my Granny’s death in 1962 my Grandad married again. This woman sold his medals after he died and did not even offer them to his children, along with many other things so we have very little of his. This is particularly sad because a couple of weeks before my Mum died this year she said she wanted to see his medals and we couldn’t show them to her. This has made us even more keen to locate and hopefully reacquire them.

    If anyone can help that would be lovely, or point me in the right direction.
    They were sold sometime between 1968 and about 1990, probably the earlier part of that time. In the Blackpool area. so may have changed hands a few times.

    Thank you so much, Alison Booth.

    • Peter Gabbott says:

      Would the 3 rd medal actually be the silver war badge? Which you got for being wounded? I’m a complete beginner but I’m tracing my family here too

  6. Lana Stanley says:

    I have 202218 pte t woodburn e LAN r medal and my grandparents would love to see it given back to the soldiers family if possible. My grandad found it about 30 years ago.

  7. David O'Loughlin says:

    I have a British War Medal (1914-1918), inscribed 265930 SJT A DAWSON L-N-LAN-R. I would very much like to find the closest family member, and return the medal.
    Regards, David.

  8. Garry FARMER says:

    Searching to re unite with the MM. The BWM & VM to Pte 4134 H Woodcock 2-5th LNL Regt. also SWB NO B218178.

  9. Naveen says:

    Good morning,

    I have a query regarding to a medal which is now in my family’s possession but I would like to see this medal get into the right hands.

    Approximately 2 years ago, a gentleman came into the Keighley newspaper office and shoved a medal into a journalist’s hand and said “ I’ve been punched by an Asian and I don’t want this anymore”. The journalist knew my brother, also a journalist for the local paper, had military connections (ie Me) and so gave the medal to him. The irony is that I am Asian and want to almost undo the hurt that was done by making sure this medal gets into the hands of this gentleman once more or to his children / extended family as a goodwill gesture

    The details on the back of the medal are as follows:

    Pte BOOTH
    L.n. LAN:r

    Please can you help?

  10. stephen harpur says:

    I have just purchased a medal whilst on holiday in Devon. The medal is a WW1 Victory Medal, awarded to Cpl. 10052 William Chappell. of the Loyal North Lancs Regt. I have done no research yet, apart from finding this website. If I find any further info, I will add it to this site.

  11. Colin Murray says:

    I have Private T E Cook WW1 Service Medal
    2625 I would be grateful for the opportunity to return it to his family

  12. Anonymous says:

    4971- PTE S.B.Dobson L.N.LAN.R. I would very much like to find the closest family member, and return the medal.Husband of Kitty Dobson-chorley

  13. Andy Adams says:

    Looking for a 1915 Star awarded to 11639 Private William Duxbury LNLR. I have his BWM and VM. Thanks Andy

  14. Ryan Townley says:

    19980 PTE James Herbert Tattersall
    East Lancashire Regiment / 6th Battalion
    Would like to find medals:
    British War Medal, Victory Medal & Star Medal.

    To return to my grandmother.

  15. Adam Sharpe says:

    244778 Lance Corporal William Mark 4th/5th Battalion LNLR.

    I am searching for my Great-Great Uncles medals which were stolen in the 1990s If anyone has any information then I would be very grateful.
    He had the British War medal and the Victory medal.

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