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Winning Immortal Glory

As printed in the Preston Herald, 9th June 1915

That the 4th Loyal North Lancashire Territorials are showing the same magnificent qualities which have already made the Territorials the wonder and admiration of the world is evident from all the accounts that have been received from France.

Frederick Heald

Evidence of this is given in a letter to the father of Private F. Heald, one of the first of the Preston Territorials to be wounded, from Captain A. H. McGreen, chaplain, 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance, who writes: – “I congratulate you on your son’s splendid courage and patriotism.  He is one of the men who have won immortal glory for the Empire”.

Private Heald has received a bayonet wound in the shoulder, and is in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich. In a letter to his home, 10 St. Martin’s-road, he said they had been in the trenches from Whit-Tuesday and were to be relieved on the following Monday. He was wounded at Sunday-midnight. Twenty five of them went out from the trenches at 8-15 p.m. and when it was dark enough they crept towards the German lines.

They got pretty close, and laid still till 00-15 a.m. when they were spotted through the German star shells.

“Then, the fun commenced” – the letter continued.”We laid there another ten minutes, and every time a star shell went up we were getting potted at by the snipers, and then we were under machine-gun fire. Anyway,  when we got the order to retire, some of us took the shortest way for the nearest, and we found ourselves going through a ditch over waist-deep in water.

We were so keen on getting back to our trenches, and excited too – it was a run for life – that I jumped over the first trench and stuck on a bayonet.”

Private Heald, who in public life was employed in the furnishing department of the Preston Industrial Co-operative Society, joined the Territorials in October, and, after training in Sevenoaks and Oxted, went over to France.

Thomas Henry Flowers

News also reached Preston that one day last week a shell passed through the field hospital where Captain Dr. Derham was attending to the wounded. The hospital had been previously hit by shrapnel without inflicting damage, except to the roof.

Private T. H. Flowers, 4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (T.F), was wounded in the hand* by shrapnel on May 30th, and is now recovering in hospital. He was called-up with the Service battalion of the Territorials at the outbreak of war, having been in the Regiment six years. His home is 25 Broughton-street, Preston, and before the war he was working as a spinner at Messrs. Hawkins ans Sons’ mills. His father served throughout the South African War, and his uncle is now serving at the front with the South Wales Borderers,

Authors Note: This article primarily relates to 2892 Private Frederick Heald who later served with the Labour Corps with number 458055; he survived the war and was discharged in April 1919. The other LNL  man mentioned is 84 Private Thomas Henry Flowers who served with A Coy, 1/4th Bn. and later served with the Labour Corps (number 455161) – he also survived and was discharged in February 1919.

* A separate newspaper article states this was a wound to the head.

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