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Whilst browsing through our photo galleries, it may be useful to open our guide to understanding LNL photographs in a separate window. This resource will help you date the photos, identify which Battalion a soldier was in and reveal other important information based on what may appear to be the smallest of details. (CLICK HERE)

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This album contains photographs of Loyal North Lancashire Regiment soldiers 1914-18. It contains pictures of individuals and group photos.

Memorials and Headstones

This section contains photos of CWGC headstones, memorials and other plaques that commemorate Loyal North Lancashire Regiment soldiers 1914-18

Newspaper Articles/Photos

This section contains various newspaper articles about soldiers of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1914-18. These articles often contain a photograph of the soldier.


This album contains photographs of ships used by soldiers of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1914-18


The following photos relate to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1914-18 but fit into none of the other categories

Preston Roll of Honour Submission Forms

This collection contains copies of the original submission forms, from the families of Loyal North Lancashire Regiment soldiers, to have their loved ones remembered on the Preston Roll of Honour in the Harris Museum. The Roll of Honour was produced to accompany the monument on the Market Square (Cenotaph). It is not a complete list or record of all local men who died. The Council produced forms to collect the details of the men who died. Only names submitted between 1916-1927 are included. Not all families completed and returned the forms and it is estimated that more than 400 names were not submitted for inclusion. The Council respected the decision of these families who often chose to remember their family member on a local memorial (i.e. church etc.) rather than the main memorial. Design and production of the ROH panels was completed in 1927.

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