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A partially identified soldier of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

J (or I) Martindale from Preston. There are at least 16 Martindales that served with the Regiment during the first world war.

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7 Responses to Photo: Martindale, Preston

  1. admin says:

    The photo is most likely of one of the following:

    James Martindale 17667

    James Martindale 25289

    James H Martindale 18234

    John Martindale 12324

  2. Bill Martindale says:

    Hi Paul, I am researching WW1 Martindales. Is this guy definately from Preston?
    For the four options you list above:
    James Martindale 17667 had father in Bolton when he died and both of the two possibles appear to have stayed in Bolton.
    James Martindale 25289 is from Westmorland.
    James H Martindale 18234 is from either Bolton,Wigan or Liverpool.
    John Martindale 12324 is from Wigan.
    Can I just enquire if there is any other info with the photo and do you know the provenance? Why did you think he was from Preston. Best regards Billm

    • Hi Bill, due to the passage of time I am afraid I don’t know what led me to believe he was from Preston when I posted the photo. I can’t find the original (if it was one of mine – possibly not) so can’t verify exactly what it said on the reverse. It could have been ‘J/I Martindale – Preston’ meaning at Preston rather than from there; but without seeing it again I can’t recall. Thanks for the information about the other Martindales, sorry I can’t be of more help at the moment. Regards, Paul

  3. Bill Martindale says:

    Hi again, There are no Preston male Martindales with an”I” initial in the 1911 census. There are a John (14) & a James(13) who would be in the right age bracket for a late WW1 possibility but I presume your list above included all those with initial “J”. I’ll see if I can find some newspaper pictures of the three “J”s that died, Only James H of the above survived the war. There is also a “T” Martindale might be worth a look. Leave it with me. Cheers Billm

    • Thanks Bill. I found where the photo came from, it was sent in by one of our contributors titled ‘Martindale from Preston’ – I’ll email her now and see if we can get a copy of the reverse. Regards, Paul

  4. Anne Martindale says:

    I’m from a long line of Martindale’s from Bolton, my dad James died recently (he did national service) WW2 and I would be interested in any Martindale from Bolton who served in WW1. My grandfather James Edwin Martindale wasn’t fit to be called up but I would be interested to know about his father. Do you have photo or information about Martindale’s from Bolton?

  5. Dave says:

    Hi there, l’m currently researching 17667 Pte James Martindale and would appreciate any additional information, l’m hoping to obtain a photograph of him in the next few days and will share this if l am successful in obtaining the photograph.

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