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As printed in the Preston Herald on 5th June 1915

Why the Call for Men is so Imperative.

There is still plenty of room in the 4th L.N.L Territorials – Preston’s Own Regiment – before the second line is completed. And in furtherance of the superb efforts being made by the officers to complete the line of 1000 men at the earliest opportunity, Lord Derby’s Band revisited the town on Thursday. At noon yesterday the Liverpool Scottish Pipers paraded in the Market Place and marched through the main streets to New Hall Lane, meetings being addressed enroute by Mr. H. Ternent and Mr. Jamieson. In the evening the pipers visited Walton-le-Dale, where the ever-popular orator, Tom Smith, and Mr. J. L. Paton addressed well attended meetings.

Lord Derby’s Band paraded the town last night, after which a great recruiting meeting was held in the Market Square, at which the Mayor presided, and Mr. Frank Calvert and Capt. Townroe were the principal speakers.

lord-derbys-bandToday’s programme includes a motor tour by the pipers and speakers through Tardy Gate, Farington, Croston, Rufford, Tarleton, Longton, Hutton and Penwortham; and a big meeting in Avenham Park in the evening, where Lord Derby’s Band will give a concert programme.

Following Thursday night’s meeting, a number of recruits presented themselves and the roll of men now stands at over 350.


At the risk of being charged with constant reiteration, may we again point out that the 4th Loyal North Lancs is the only local Territorial Force in the fighting line? What that means is perfectly well known to everyone who is following the war, either in the official news or the letters of friends from the front. No regiment can play it’s part out there without gaps occurring – gaps that for the sake of the country, and for the continued existence of liberty and freedom on this earth, must be made good as they occur. They can only be made good by fresh detachments of men. The 4th L.N.L. Territorials want the men to fill the gaps at once, and if our manhood will not come forward then our townsmen out “Somewhere in France” are going to be disseminated and annihilated. Help may mean life for many Preston’s husbands and sons. So much for the ethical and national side of the questions. Now as to the personal side. The 4th Loyal North Lancs. Territorials is the only local company, so far as we know, that has faced two of the most important considerations of the individual.


First, there is the old natural question, “what guarantees have I of re-employment when I return?” By a happy coincidence the company is officered by our largest cotton manufacturers, and they have given to the operative an absolute and unqualified guarantee of employment on the cessation hostilities should the returned soldier find his old place closed on his arrival back.


Next, there is the chafing spirit – so often revealed in the police court lately – that revolts at long periods in the homeland when the man volunteered for service in the field of war. “I joined to fight the Germans, not to play soldiers on Salisbury!” has been the cry of many young men, whose blighted ambition to play a part has driven them in despair to absent themselves from duty. As we have already said, the 4th Loyal North Lancs. Territorials are in need of men to fill the gaps in the front line, and for that reason every man who joins is sure that by August, at the outside, he will be over in France. The interval, too, will be filled by training at Weeton, Kirkham, so that the men who join locally will have ample opportunities of coming over for weekends at home.

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