The following list of soldiers (Requests Received) have been brought to our attention by relatives looking for information. Please be aware that there is quite a waiting list in operation at the moment due to heightened public interest in the Great War during these Centenary years.

We will continue to endeavor to complete all of your requests as soon as possible but please remember this is a free service. If your relatives name already appears in the list below you do not need to resubmit his information. It is a good idea to follow us on twitter or join our facebook page as you will see all of our new posts being posted whilst browsing your normal social networking sites.

Requests Received 

Captain Norburn James Craven
Second Lieutenant Arthur Theodore Houghton
24737 Private Harry Partington
36007 Private William Whitehead
27922 Private Arthur Broad
Private James Cookson
28756 Private Richard Hamer Cooper
2859 Corporal James Osbaldeston
2024 Private Adam Wharton
58084 Private Albert Babb
22025 Private Albert Cottrell
Second Lieutenant Albert Edward Blackhurst
241053 Private Albert George Buckley
Serjeant Albert Mercer
200614 Private Albert Thorpe
39010 Private Alexander Gordo
19127 Lance Corporal Alfred Thomas Edward Ashworth
Private Anthony Nolan
36029 Private Archibald Dewar
9100 Private Archibald Logan Stark
27687 Private Archibald McGregor MacDonald
?2548 Private Arthur Ainscough
21682 Private Arthur Bowman
Private Arthur Burke
19909 Private Arthur Finch
Regimental Serjeant Major Arthur George Manning
20022 Arthur Howarth
33102 Private Arthur John Quinn
Captain Arthur William Livings (4620)
33774 Private Arthur William Peet Disney
19460 Private Bryan Birchall
12865 Acting Serjeant Cecil William Nippard
Second Lieutenant Charles Eric Pringle
21252 Corporal Charles George Mitchell
V/91 Private Charles Herbert Luvate
4203 Corporal Charles Walsh
4224 Private Charles Walter Gurney
23963 Private Charles Watson
19131 Private Christopher Arnold Ingham
2437 Christopher Hargreaves
13975 Private Cornelius Crimmings
3552 Private Cuthbert Walker
Major Cyril John Smith (58162)
Cyril Stubbins
36217 Private Daniel Luckman
31896 David Waring
10450 Private David Yates
10827 Private Donald James
25607 Private Edward Porter
2088 Private Edmund Bentham Cocker
Edmund T Robinson
Corporal Edmund Wareing
33248 Corporal Edward A Wratten
36554 Private Edward Albert Vincent
10594 Private Edward Delahunt
26873 Private Edward Sampson Jarvis
18973 Private Edward Woods
34704 Private Edwin J Wells
20632 Private Edwin Onions
Lieutenant Eric Lee Schubart
24236 Private Ernest Edward Brownley
28374 Private Ernest John Linge
1369 Serjeant Ernest Milne
1220 Private Evan Lloyd
10143 Private Francis Lennon
19139 Private Francis Thomas Houghton
202/235283 Private Frank Finch
9763 Serjeant Frank Greaves
3083 Private Frank Hinchcliffe
Private Frank Land
41097 Private Frank Walmsley
202973 Private Fred Lloyd
Fred Ray
295472 Private Frederick J. Tozer
8842 Corporal Frederick James Cator
201253 Corporal Frederick Scott
32792 Frederick W Evans
9417 Serjeant George Andrew Mollison
9616 Private George Bowyer
8615 Private George Henry Selmes
34125 Private George Naylor
8186 Private George Peacock
36383 Private George Pegler
2850 Lance Corporal George Rideout
7796 Private George Rupert Pennington
3185 George Staines
15482 Private George William Farley
265743 Private H C Tynan /Tyran
14903 Private Harold Armstrong
Harold Coleman
34563 Private Harold George Wreglesworth
Second Lieutenant Harold Neville Stokoe
12984 Private Harold Tindall
5311 Harry Chapman
15892 Private Harry Clifford Hooper
4737 Private Harry Hallam
7866 Serjeant Harry Nathan Shaw
8084 Private Harry Sumner
37601 Harry Ward
36855 Private Harry Wright
Henry Harlow
243257 Private Henry Heyworth
25511 Lance Corporal Henry James Bond
5291 Serjeant Henry Morrison Wild
21325 Private Henry Ormerod
265128 Private Henry Regan
21168 Corporal Henry Smith
22742 Corporal Henry William Gorse
36843 Private Herbert Beresford
Lieutenant Herbert Booth
8924 Private Herbert Hughes
12068 Private Herbert Phillips
25998 Private Herbert William Letch
13019 Private Hugh Carnegie Rain
Second Lieutenant Ignatius Gerald Pearson
31794 Private Isaac Brade
35923 Private Isaac Mayer
14 Private J Shuttleworth
3809 Private J Walsh
79774 Second Lieutenant Jame Yardley Bowden
9757 Private James Alfred Robert Cole
16135 Private James Booke
1761 Private James Carson
42 Lance Corporal James Caton
Private James Cookson
Private James Cummings
243384 Private James Disley
2509 Lance Corporal James Eccles
3985 & 241 Private James Edward Rowles
16259 Private James Ernest Atkinson
3854903 Corporal James Feeney
24550 Private James Gregory
James Hatton
#35953 Private James Henry Dyball
23083 Private James Hilton
26741 Private James Kennealey
24061 Serjeant James Lightbown
Private James Marr
Lance Corporal James May
25737 Private James McMenamin
11947 Private James Mercer
3092 Regimental Serjeant Major James Mitchell
18544 Private James Morris
18189 Private James Nicholson
10329 Private James Noon
Serjeant James O Neal
Corporal James O’Connor
27670 Private James Ormerod
1103 / 58151 or 28591 (then T/33583, Drvr) Private James Paton
17908 Private James Robert Seddon
4307 or 245202 ? Private James Robinson
Private James Smith
James Spencer Whittle
3541/201190 Private James Taylor
242881 Private James Tomas Taylor
240607 Corporal James Walter Doran
10497 Lance Corporal James Wilson
23789 Private James Woods
18727 Lance Corporal Joe Lovett
35070 Private Joeph Goodman
12812 Private John (Victor) Wright
266355 Corporal John Albert Parkinson
55654 John Archibald Davidson
Serjeant John Baguley
22007 Private John Bertenshaw
8131 Private John Carroll
8906 Company Quarter Master Serjeant John Clifford
John Costello
9617 Private John Dean McArdle
235016 Private John Edward [Jack] Taylor
8070 John Edward Cooper
14703 Serjeant John Edwin Templeton
21296 Corporal John Egan Morgan
235041 Private John Fowler Swindells
201450 Private John Francis English
201567 Lance Corporal John Garstang
Private John Green
2658 John Hargreaves
John Healy
9511 Private John Henry Fitzgerald
5790 Serjeant John Henry Green
39957 Private John Henry Turner
1977 Private John Hesketh
18929 Corporal John Isles
25004 Private John James Higham
15400 Private John James Johnson
36232 Private John James Ward
3846667 Regiment Quarter Master Serjeant John Joseph Clifford
6886 Lance Corporal John Lacey
Lieutenant John Leggat
15074 Lance Corporal John Mann
9290 Serjeant John Miller
40167 Private John Mortimer
41598 Private John Muse
2668 Private John Nutter
16070 John O’Connor
38273 (this may be the regiment number) Private John or James Goodey
Regimental Serjeant Major John Parkinson
Lieutenant John Pearson Strong
40586 Private John Percy Wilkinson
11370 Private John Perrigo
17654 Private John Richard Fishwick
Regimental Serjeant Major John Ripley
15404 Private John Robert Greenhalgh
41284 Private John Sergeant
12706 Corporal John Shaw
33012 Private John Smith
10293 Private John Swain Theobald
24672 Private John Thomas Wiggans
56185 Private John Wallace Swindle
14341 Private John William Poole
3853261 Private John Younghusband Fisher
Private Joseph Boothman
240241? Private Joseph Clarke
Private Joseph Coleman
Private Joseph Cox
235141 Private Joseph Edward Banks
19557 Private Joseph Egan
19204 Private Joseph Fearnley
26854 Private Joseph Finlay
23533 Private Joseph Fowler
Corporal Joseph Hanson
12964 Lance Corporal Joseph Hesketh
15014 Private Joseph Horrobin
22205 Private Joseph James Malone
241435 Private Joseph Maden
Joseph Moran
12453 Lance Corporal Joseph Newsham
2550 Private Joseph O’Toole
Serjeant Joseph Passey Lomax
17787 Private Joseph Sefton
12329 Private Joseph Whalley
36484 Private Joshua Dobson
260102 Private Lars Aslagsen
Private Laurence Owen
201739 Private Leo Charles Gerrard
201912 Serjeant Leonard Robinson
3951199 Regimental Serjeant Major Leslie Jack Abendroth
20109 Private Lewis Whittle
11743 Private Lindsley Harrison
Private Lionel Percy Crowther
13933 Private Louis Naylor
29393 Private Louis Neri
23944 Lance Corporal Matthew Blundell
4173 Lance Corporal Matthew Carey
26919 Acting Corporal Michael Condron
31290 Private Michael Leonard
Nathan Dixon
Corporal Norman Stuart Bamford
19554 Private Norman Victor Coward
39617 Private Oliver Edward Gresty
7948 Private Oswald Simmonds
11905 Private Patrick Hogan
8457 Private Patrick McIntyre
2846 Private Patrick O’Brien
7053 Private Patrick Roach
11373? Corporal Paul Stringfellow
20190 Private Percival George Carvey
242098 Private Percy Fox
201991? Private Percy Frederick Smith
32251 Private Peter Oates
12437 Private R Barnes
Ralph Houghton
26050 Corporal Reginald Fred Jackson
Second Lieutenant Reginald Potter
27605 Private Reuben Henry Knagg
34454 Serjeant Richard Battersby
3624/201240 Private Richard Calvin
Private Richard Derbyshire
2061 Richard Geldeard
8490 Richard H Cooper
8655 Private Richard Moore
Private Richard Moore
Private Richard Norbury
12511 Private Richard Waldron
6312 Private Richard Wootten
15443 Corporal Robert Bramwell
3689 Private Robert Davies
13175 Private Robert Edmond
29127 Acting Company Serjeant Major Robert Gilbertson
202987 Private Robert Gregson
10108 Private Robert Hall
25714 Private Robert Joseph Woodhead
4081 Private Robert Mather
13655 Private Robert Patrick O’Leary
11881 LSerjeant Robert Quinn
30092 Private Robert Whittaker
15614 Private Robert Woodside
26111 Ronald Earnest Shanks
Private Ronald Freer Sheppard
Private Rowland Charles Lewis
1884 Private Samuel Blackburn
34205 Private Samuel Coles
Corporal Samuel Holden
265964 Serjeant Samuel James Risely
16840 Private Samuel Mather
36140 Lance Corporal Samuel Spencer
240751 Lieutenant Sidney Leather
3924 ? Company Serjeant Major Smith
Solomon Byrom
201151 Private Stanley Clifford Winstanley
8923 Private Stanley Skinner
4401 Stephen Gutteridge
18489 Private Stephen Howarth
17138 Private Stephen Johnson
Captain Stuart Ramsay
29059 Private Sydney Albert Lidyard
244871 Private Sydney Cartmel Heron
Sydney Waterworth
12169 Private T Hartley
Lieutenant Thomas A Bold
2835 Thomas Ainsworth
7340 Corporal Thomas Albert Smith
28201 Private Thomas Alcock
34078 Private Thomas Anderson
24358 Private Thomas Ashcroft
25307 Private Thomas Barnes
253899 Private Thomas Berry
11245 Private Thomas Best
37632 Private Thomas Bramwell
Private Thomas Carter
12154 Lance Corporal Thomas Cayton
202541 Private Thomas Cookson
546102 Private Thomas Cross
23455 Private Thomas Day Phypers
13625 Private Thomas Diggle
200082 Company Serjeant Major Thomas E Gillett
Private Thomas Frost
5583 thomas Gaffney
Thomas George Seed
Company Serjeant Major Thomas Gledhill
4238 Private Thomas Grailey
326411 Thomas Green
12570 Lance Corporal Thomas Havard
18966 Private Thomas Heaton
18116 Corporal Thomas Hooper
41379 Private Thomas Hough
240629 Corporal Thomas Jackson
13543 Private Thomas Langley
201583 Private Thomas Lawrence
18197 Serjeant Thomas Leigh Wood
Private Thomas Malone
Private Thomas McCormick
30192 Private Thomas Pearson
12389 & 33 Thomas Phillipson
poss 2250 Private Thomas Quinn
16899 Private Thomas Richardson
32555 Private Thomas Riley
3532 Private Thomas Roscoe
13640 Serjeant Thomas Seed
12351 Private Thomas Smethurst
22860 Private Thomas Swift
Second Lieutenant Thomas Sydney Carmichael
7538 Private Thomas Taylor
29426 Private Thomas Unsworth
15970 Thomas Walker
203572 Private Thomas Wilcock
203607 Private Tom Chadwick
16850 Private Tom Hamilton
200843 Private Tom Kippax
13158 Corporal Vincent Poulton
Walter Bannister
4494 Private Walter Battersby
6549 Serjeant Walter Cawthorne
38253 Private Walter Dewhurst
23258 Lance Corporal Walter Duckworth
17670 Private Walter Edwards
18039 Private Walter Else
22797 Private Walter Jackson
Walter Lilley
12003 Second Lieutenant Walter Oseman Holmes
23448 Private Walter Prior
28711 Private Walter Roberts
9953 Corporal Walter William Timms
18956 Private Wilfred Frank Woodburn
Captain Wilfred Lind-Jackson
3848671 Private Wilfrid (Wilfred) Snape
25326 Private William Alfred Robinson
6825 (242991) Private William Alphonso
33840 Private William Arthur Edward Hobbs
6616 Private William Atkinson Walker
203794 Private William Booth
2058 Private William Booth Bate
24392 Private William Bradley
Private William Cleminson Buckley
41906 Private William Colley
7188 Private William Davies
2540?57304 Private William Derbyshire
3043 Private William Dodd
23631 Private William Duckworth
24814 Private William Frederick Bailey
25861 Private William Frederick Humphreys
24348 Private William Frederick Walch
36152 Private William Gorton Williams
9874 Serjeant William H Stewart
5582 Lieutenant William Halton
25201 Private William Harley
2778 Private William Haydock
13403 Private William Henry Bailey
11783 Private William Henry Blower
601562 Private William Henry Coombes
62301 Private William Henry Dawes
Private William Henry Hoyle
41370 Private William Henry Hughes
25645 Private William Henry Patten
10122 Private William Henry Primrose Smart
William Holme
5059 William Horrocks
Captain William Howard Proctor
29140 Private William James Howarth
265841 Private William John Ball
Bandsman Serjeant William Joseph Skelly
Lieutenant William Leigh Howarth
215221 Private William Llewelyn Williams
38785 Private William Mckeown
4133219 Private William Nicholas Roe
Private William Ray
Private William Rigby
Regimental Serjeant Major William Riley
2546 William Ryder
3602 Private William Saunt
203538 Private William Sumner
17993 Private William Taylor
27153 Serjeant William Taylor
201177 Private William Turner
200784 Private William Utting
William Waddilove
20377 Private William Westhead
204531 Private William White
4325 Corporal William Whittle
Willian Annis
Second Lieutenant Wm Robert Launcelot Calrow
23286 Private Wright Roper


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