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Three Victoria Crosses were awarded to soldiers of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment during the first world war. 

Temp Lt. Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson – 7th Battalion

5th July 1916. La Boiselle, France
London Gazette: 26th September 1916

For most conspicuous bravery. During an attack, when a party of another unit was retiring without their machine gun, Lieutenant Wilkinson rushed forward and, with two of his men, got the gun into action, and held up the enemy till they were relieved.

Later, when the advance was checked during a bombing attack, he forced his way forward and found four or five men of different units stopped by a solid block of earth, over which the enemy was throwing bombs.

With great pluck and promptness he mounted a machine gun on the top “of the parapet and dispersed the enemy bombers. Subsequently he made two most gallant attempts to bring in a wounded man, but the second attempt he was shot through the heart just before reaching the man. Throughout the day he set a magnificent example of courage and self-sacrifice.

For more information you can check out his Wikipedia entry

8655 Private Henry Edward Kenny – 1st Battalion

25 September 1915. Loos, France
London Gazette: 30th March 1916

For most conspicuous bravery. Private Kenny went out on six different occasions on one day under a very heavy shell, rifle and machine-gun fire, and each time succeeded in carrying to a place of safety a wounded man who had been lying in the open. He was himself wounded in the neck whilst handing the last man over the parapet.

For more information check out his Wikipedia entry


Lieutenant Richard Basil Brandram Jones – 8th Battalion

21 May 1916. Broadmarsh Crater, Vimy, France
London Gazette: 4th August 1916

For most conspicuous bravery. He holding with his platoon a crater recently captured from the enemy. About 7.30 p.m. the enemy exploded a mine forty yards to his right, and at the same time put a heavy barrage of fire on our trenches, thus isolating the platoon. They then attacked in overwhelming numbers. Lt. Jones kept his men together, steadying them by his fine example, and shot no less than fifteen of the enemy as they advanced, counting them aloud as he did so to cheer his men. When his ammunition was expended he took a bomb, but was shot through the head while getting up to throw it.

His splendid courage had so encouraged his men that when they had no more ammunition or bombs they threw stones and ammunition boxes at the enemy till only nine of the platoon were left. Finally they were compelled to retire.

For more information check out his Wikipedia entry

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One Response to WW1: Victoria Crosses: The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

  1. aileen stewart says:

    My grandfather served in this regiment from 1916-1918. His name was John Thomas WHEELDON. He was in many of the battles and serviced. He had a butchers shop in Bolton Road Pendelbury and farmed as well. He had 4 children. Retired to Garstang, NR PRESTON.And lived to 96 years of age.

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